3D Frames for Virtual Try-On

Easily get your glasses available in 3D for Virtual Try On on Shopify

Your products are automatically synchronized with Fittingbox Digital Frames Database. Learn more.

You have access to the 3D From Photo Platform to digitize frames and make them available for try-on. 

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  Please note that the creation of your access to the platform could take up to 48h, after you subscribed to a plan. 
Digitization is free of charge within the limit of products included in your app subscription plan

Your 3D From Photo platform at a glance


On this online platform, you can easily digitize your glasses in 3D:


Steps to easily digitize your frames

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Free digitization 

BASIC quality

The digitization quality included in your subscription plan.


Online platform
with an automatic process 


Photos of frames*
front and side for each 



VTO Frames with basic renderings*

* Some type of frames are not suitable to be digitized from photos. See restrictions.




Fittingbox Virtual Try-On




Digitization of additional frames included in your Shopify subscription

Extra fee applies 

STANDARD quality

The current quality you're enjoying with Fittingbox Database.


Patented Studiobox®
with human quality check


Real frames
to be sent to USA (Miami)
or France (Toulouse)


VTO Frames with standard renderings

Exact geometry at real size +
Gradient effects + Light transmission + Complex materials 


Fittingbox Virtual Try-On with size guarantee



Extra fee of $42 will applied to digitize additional frames


Zoom on the Basic and Standard COMPARISONS