3D Frames for Virtual Try-On

Get my products available for Virtual Try-On

Your products are automatically synchronized with Fittingbox Digital Frames Database.
You can check which frames are available for try-on in:
Apps > Fittingbox Glasses Try-On > Products.
For the frames with “not found” status, please digitize them first.

Your products need to be found in the Fittingbox Digital Frames Database
to be available for Virtual Try-On


Status of products


Automatic synchronization
with Fittingbox Database

Examples of glasses that are available in Fittingbox Database, that contains +145 000 Digital Frames of +1 200 international brands:

  • Barcode (EAN): 0805289183051
  • Barcode (EAN): 0889652236568
  • Barcode (EAN): 9009885911914

For International brands, the Barcode is used for synchronization with Database.

Private brand SKUs need to be digitized first to be added in Fittingbox Database. Details available here.

Shopify App Product status_synchronization_Database

Virtual Try-On Call-to-Action is automatically displayed or not on the Collection Page

Only the products with "found" status will have the Virtual Try-On button (or icon) displayed on the catalog page.

Shopify App product status_collection page_square image

Virtual Try-On Call-to-Action is automatically displayed or not on the Product Page

Only the products with "found" status will have the Virtual Try-On button (or icon) displayed on the product page.

Shopify App Product Status_on Product Page_square image

How to easily digitize your frames in 3D?

(those currently with"not found" status, within the limit of your subscription plan)


Get started

Learn more about all the options available to digitize additional frames:




















Free digitization 

BASIC quality

The digitization quality included in your subscription plan.


Online platform with an automatic process (view demo)


Photos of frames*
front and side for each 



VTO Frames with basic renderings*

* Some type of frames are not suitable to be digitized from photos. See restrictions.




Fittingbox Virtual Try-On




Digitization of additional frames included in your Shopify subscription

Extra fee applies 

STANDARD quality

The current quality you're enjoying with Fittingbox Database.


Patented Studiobox®
with human quality check


Real frames
to be sent to USA (Miami)
or France (Toulouse)


VTO Frames with standard renderings

Exact geometry at real size +
Gradient effects + Light transmission + Complex materials 


Fittingbox Virtual Try-On with size guarantee



Extra fee of $42 will applied to digitize additional frames


Zoom on the Basic and Standard COMPARISONS